The right products, from the right suppliers, at the right time

How much simpler would supplier management be if you had a reliable, up-to-date, and comprehensive view of supplier information, spend, performance, and risk? さらに、サプライヤの認定およびセグメンテーションが購買プロセスに組み込まれていたなら、どれだけ楽に最適なサプライヤを探して、リスクの低減につなげ、節約の見落としを防止することができるでしょうか。

SAP Ariba Supplier Managementがそのすべてを可能にします。貴社の購買プロセスと統合して使用する当製品は、サプライに関する情報やライフサイクル、パフォーマンス、そしてリスクをすべて1か所で管理することができる唯一のエンドツーエンドのソリューションポートフォリオです。

SAPアリバと連携することで優先サプライヤへの支出を促すことができ、サプライヤの受け入れや認定、さらにはセグメンテーション、パフォーマンス管理に至るまで、あらゆる段階でリスクを低減することができます。 You can:

  • 信頼度の高いデータを含む統一されたサプライヤレコード
  • 一貫したサプライヤ認定およびセグメンテーションプロセスを、他の購買プロセスに統合
  • サプライヤリスクの管理とコンプライアンスを、貴社の供給ベース全体に拡張

SAP Ariba Supplier Management Portfolio


Explaining benefits of SAP Ariba Supplier Management

How to Choose a Winning Supplier Management Solution

Take a look at this new e-book. It's all about what to look for and how the right solution can help your business.

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Turn supplier risk issues into opportunities

This infographic illustrates how you can make smarter decisions with targeted risk intelligence.

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How We Did It: Supplier Management

To reduce the risk and chaos of supplier management, SAP Ariba places supplier data in one place, so everyone on your procurement team can find what they need, right when they need it.

Conquer your supplier management challenges

Take a look at this infographic for a snapshot of the key challenges of supplier lifecycle and performance management, and how SAP Ariba can help you overcome them.


Rewards of risk management

Exposure to supply risk is rising. Product lifecycles continue to shrink, giving your business a smaller window to drive sales and profits. Read this report to learn how to be proactive about supply risk management.

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How does your organization go about mitigating supplier risk? By looking at the typical key performance indicators, like timeliness, quality, and price? Take a look at this whitepaper about research conducted by Baylor University.

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Ariba solutions are very complete and handle the entire purchase cycle, allowing us to start an event with sourcing and end it by receiving the goods... Ariba helps us do business the right way.

Pascal Delval, Chief Purchasing Officer, Groupe Auchan SA