A range of programs to meet your specific needs

Becoming an Ariba Network supplier is one of the best ways to fully participate in today's digital economy, help your customers achieve their procurement transformation goals, and drive sales.

If you ever need help with taking advantage of the features and benefits of Ariba Network or with responding to a customer's e-procurement initiative, call on SAP Ariba Supplier Services and Support. 当社は様々なプログラムをご用意しており、お客様が必要な回答や専門知識を得られるようお手伝いします。

Ariba Exchange User Community

This always-on help center is your primary resource for information and guidance when you're using Ariba Network. Use it for:

  • getting fast answers with easy-to-use search
  • ベストプラクティスを共有
  • 詳細な資料を交換
  • 役立つ情報や経験を比較
  • 専門家や同業他社とのコラボレーション

In the community's Learning Center you'll find product documentation and tutorials. Visit the Support Center to search for help with specific problems.

Download this datasheet to learn more.


Supplier Commerce Consultants

When you're a Platinum or Gold supplier, the Supplier Commerce Consultants team is available to help you with:

  • Best practices on topics like organizing your accounts on Ariba Network, how to find potential customers to transact with, and the benefits of electronic integration
  • How to utilize the features included in your Gold or Platinum subscription, like passes to SAP Ariba Live or leveraging your SAP Ariba Discovery Advantage membership features
  • Functional tips on how to optimize all of your account’s features such as user setup and advanced reporting tools
  • その他、請求関連以外の質問や問題へのサポート

If you're a Platinum or Gold supplier, you can contact the Supplier Commerce Consultants team here.

SAPアリバ サプライヤのテクニカルサポート

Ariba NetworkのPlatinum、Gold、Silverサプライヤ向けに、以下のテクニカルサポートをご用意しています。

  • アカウント設定、カタログの書式設定および検証、お客様のバックエンドシステムのAriba Networkとの統合のサポート
  • 電話やウェブフォームによるテクニカルサポートエンジニアへの直接アクセス
  • 優先度の高い技術上の問題を対象とした、24時間年中無休の最高水準のサポート
  • 1時間以内の迅速な回答
  • オンラインの様々なセルフヘルプツールへのアクセス

Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze subscriptions are applicable to all regions except Southern Africa, Brazil, and Chile. To learn more, click here.

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Fulfillment on Ariba Network

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Why does your customer want you to join Ariba Network? How do you get started? What kind of technology do you need? How can you connect with customers? Get answers to these questions and more.