Chasing Classic Commerce Sellers Join Ariba Network in Record Numbers

Nearly 1,300 new suppliers connect to world’s largest B2B marketplace every business day to grow relationships and revenue

PALO ALTO, Calif., August 9, 2016 – There are plenty of online sites that companies can use to list their products and complete transactions. But where do they go to find new business and qualified corporate buyers? SAP Ariba More 2 million companies are connected to the Ariba® Network - a dynamic, digital marketplace where more than $2.5 billion in commerce gets done every day. And the company today announced that nearly 1,300 new sellers joined each business day during the quarter ended June 30 to claim their share of this business.

Where Commerce Happens

SAP Ariba is how companies connect to get business done. Using the Ariba Network, buyers and suppliers in 190 countries can quickly and easily collaborate on everything from bids to payments. But beyond this, they can discover new opportunities and grow relationships.

"The Ariba Network provides us opportunities to diversify our business and develop new relationships that would not otherwise be attainable," says Jeff Bollman, CEO, Next Day Plus, a Chicago-based provider of imaging equipment and supplies. "We don't view SAP Ariba as just a channel, but an essential partner to support the continued growth of our business."

Soren Bartels, Program Director, Global e-Commerce, Atea ASA, an Oslo-based provider of IT services and infrastructure, agrees. Since joining the Ariba Network, Atea saw its revenue jump from $700,000 in 2014 to $5.5 million in 2015. "Because our numbers have grown so significantly, SAP Ariba will be a big part of our business in years to come," he says.

Managing Connections that Matter Most

When companies connect to the Ariba Network, they connect to a global network of millions of profitable customers who are ready to buy. And they get access to simple, open and smart solutions they can use to intelligently manage these connections, and increase revenue.

"Our business is growing and SAP Ariba has allowed us to do that by providing the tools we need to get to our customers and create a great procurement experience for them," said Eddison Moreno, B2B Integration Specialist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Colombia. "The tools that Ariba has are real simple. There is nothing complicated about what we are doing."

Hewlett Packard Enterprise uses half a dozen sites to fuel its B2B efforts. But Moreno says, "SAP Ariba is the best among all of them because of the support that they provide us."

For Gary George, Head of Technical Services for HH Global, a London-based marketing services provider, relationships and collaboration are what business is all about - and the reason he selected SAP Ariba as the platform for the company’s e-commerce efforts.

"SAP Ariba was the only sensible choice for us," he says. "It has allowed us to collaborate in new ways that have improved our relationships with our customers and opened doors to new ones," he says.

The World’s Business Network

With more than 10 million suppliers participating and nearly $1 trillion in commerce changing hands every year, the Ariba Network is the largest, most global business-to-business network on the planet.

“While bigger is often better, what matters most when it comes to networks is the value they create for participants,” says Jon Stevens, Global Senior Vice President, Business Networks, SAP Ariba. “With the Ariba Network, buyers and suppliers can move beyond simple transactions and connect in new and innovative ways that lead to profitable partnerships and business growth.”

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SAP Ariba is how companies connect to get business done. On the Ariba Network, buyers and suppliers from more than two million companies and 190 countries discover new opportunities, collaborate on transactions and grow their relationships. Buyers can manage the entire purchasing process, while controlling spending, finding new sources of savings and building a healthy supply chain. And suppliers can connect with profitable customers and efficiently scale existing relationships - simplifying sales cycles and improving cash control along the way. The result is a dynamic, digital marketplace, where more than $1 trillion in commerce gets done every year.

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